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  • Van Eck Tree

    Van Eck Tree

  • Lichen on Branches – Aptos Rancho Trail

    Lichen on Branches - Aptos Rancho Trail

  • Terrace Connector Trail

    Terrace Connector Trail

  • Terrace Trail Giant

    Terrace Trail Giant

  • Twisted Grove

    Twisted Grove

  • Big Leaved Maple

    Big Leaved Maple

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Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal Highlights

Winter Brings Storms!   These last wind and rain storms brought many trees down in Nisene.  Three crossing the Fire Road have been cut and cleared by State Parks.  There are many new ones, several on the Old Growth Loop including one huge Redwood (but not old growth) that took out many oaks as it came down (photo above).  Another across the Terrace trail where it meets the start of the Oak Loop trail.  State Parks is gathering resources to take care of these as well.  Join our trail work days 3rd Sunday of the month!

Flower of the Week

Flower of the Week

The flowers are HERE as well as more coming!  Now in addition to the small white with clover leaf Redwood Sorrel and gorgeous blue-purple Hounds Tongue are yellow stream and redwood violets.  Look on the Vienna Woods, Westridge, Terrace, Oak Grove Loop, Buggy and other trails as there are leaves and blooms bursting forth.   Look under Park Info tab, Flora and Fauna in Nisene to see and learn more about these amazing native forest flowers.   Hike, bike, run and enjoy!



Porter House. Those of you who have wandered up the Loma Prieta Grade Trail recently have no doubt seen the interpretive panel at Porter House Site. If you're a long time county resident or even a recent arrival to the area, you may recognize the Porter family in the place names of Santa Cruz County – Porter Gulch Road near Cabrillo College, Porter Street and the Porter Memorial Library in Soquel, Porter College at UCSC and the Porter House Site in the Forest of Nisene Marks.  Read More.

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