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With the help of individuals in the community, the Advocates have been able to accomplish many projects throughout the years.   Listed below are just a few of those accomplishments.  Become an Advocates member so that you can join us in adding to this list.



Advocates Board Meeting 6.11.14 003
Dust abatement on the Fire Road

• From the kiosk to the steel bridge
• 500 tons of baserock
• 760 gallons of “Dust-off”

Trail Work

• Repaired, re-sided and painted outhouses @ George’s, Mary Easton & Porter Family Picnic Areas
• Brushed back and performed tread work on Oak Ridge, Mill Pond and upper and lower Terrace Trails
• Installed and removed the 2 seasonal bridges over Aptos Creek
Advocates Trailwork 7-21-13 024
25th Anniversary of the Loma Pieta Quake

• Set up info booths both in the Park and at the Lydon/Griggs lecture at Cabrillo

Collaboration with Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks

• Directors Geoff Alexander, Maureen Thrash and John Fuchs served on Nisene Committee

Flowers in the Park

• Directors Allison Livingston and Dave Hofkins continued with the Flora and Fauna in the Park postings to the website and Facebook

Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM)

• Directors Maureen Thrash, Bob Bailey and Elisa Webb got the Advocates set-up in a CRM (Donor Perfect) to better serve our volunteers and donors

New Director on the Board

• The Board welcomes Bob Bailey


Donated two ADA picnic benches in honor of Karl Mertz and Paul Ticknor.

Got approved and installed two new benches at Santa Rosalia paid for by MBOSC (Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz) and the Stewards of Soquel Demonstration Forest.

Finished work on ADA Trail, Waggoner Overlook Trail, and Aptos Rancho Trail.

Maintenance work on Porter Trail.

Repaired Railing at Porter Family Picnic Area.

Replaced roof and repaired split rail fencing at Van Eck Tree.

Participated with Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks on Earth Day project. Over 100 volunteers turned out.

Continued close relationship with Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks.

Advocate Board Member sits on Friends’ Niscom (Nisene Committee) board.

Put on a great celebration for the park’s 50th Anniversary. This included:

  • ADA Trail Dedication
  • BBQ
  • Lumberjack Demo
  • Kids’ Activities


Feb 29: Facebook page created.

Oct 30: Twitter account created.

Nov 14: Elisa Webb and Dave Hofkins installed as board members.

Trailwork days every month (12).

Seasonal Bridges installed and removed.

ADA Trail/Waggoner Overlook Trails started.

De-commissioned trails in lower trail network.

Re-routed trails in lower network.

Built Diane Porter-Cooley Footbridge.


We’re Back!

May 14: Installed seasonal bridges.

Nov 06: Vienna Woods maintenance and culvert repair.

Nov 07:  Re-birth of the Advocates.  Jeff, Geoff, Ed, John, Tanya, Alli, Maureen and Bob.

Dec 11:  Finishing Vienna Woods Trail


Gone Biking.


Gone Hiking.


New Signs Installed

New information signs installed at the kiosk parking area and the Porter gate parking area.


First Advocates' Web Site Launched

The Advocates Web site was launched.


Jeff and Margaret Hicks

Retirement of Jeff and Margaret Hicks as officers of the Board of Directors. Election of new officers (Paul Ticknor, President; Geoff Alexander, Secretary; Jeff Thomson, Treasurer).


Worked with State Parks and others to help develop the Nisene Marks General Plan which maps the parks development for the next 20 years. Developed a “wish list” of 34 items, such as a permanent bridge to Marcel’s Forest, that were included in the plan. Other than the regular trail maintenance, improvement projects have been put on hold pending the plan approval.


Interpretive Panels

Interpretive panels at bottom of the Incline and at the Loma Prieta earthquake epicenter.


Porter House Interpretive Panel

Porter House interpretive panel and improvements to the Terrace trail.


Seasonal Bridge

Seasonal bridge to Marcel’s Forest is first installed. The bridge allows easy access from the kiosk area across Aptos Creek. The bridge is currently installed each spring and removed each fall.


Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge in Marcel’s Forest


Great Red Giant

Assisted State Parks in collecting CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) data for the inclusion of the Pourroy property—now Marcel’s Forest.



Old Mill site restoration including the installation of an interpretive panel.


Emmett Reed Picnic Area

Beautification of the kiosk area including the clearing of the Emmett Reed picnic area and the installation of an interpretive sign.



Margaret’s Bridge on the second stream crossing of Aptos Creek near the Porter Picnic area.



Comfort facility located at the kiosk entrance area.