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Dust Abatement in the Forest

Happy Autumn Everybody! 
We hope everybody had a wonderful summer. As usual, the weather was beautiful in the Forest.

Did everyone notice the considerable reduction of dust on the Fire Road this summer? We received a lot of compliments on the success of the road improvement and dust abatement that we performed in the Spring. Through the efforts of the Advocates, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks and State Parks, we were able to raise enough money to bring in 500 cubic yards of new base rock, have it graded, rolled, and compacted and then coat the new surface with 760 gallons of a product called Dust Off.

Dust Off:Click here for more info

Frankly, we weren’t completely sure how effective the product would be, but it exceeded all of our expectations. With your help, we hope do it again in the Spring of 2015 and every Spring thereafter. A dust-free fire road is a beautiful thing!