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Fleet Feet community event 11/18 invites Advocates’ Ed Gilbert to speak on history of Nisene Marks

Come join Fleet Feet and the Advocates to learn about this history of Nisene Marks SP.

A Look Back………Presented by  Advocates of Nisene Marks Park.
November 18th 6:00 pm Fleet Feet Sports
On those long runs, walks or rides up the fire road or on the trails, do you ever let your mind wander and think about the early days of Nisene? I try to imagine the rail cars that shot straight up the side of the mountain from the base of the incline, or the early loggers. Join us for a look back with a presentation from Ed Gilbert of the Advocates for Nisene. 
Ed Gilbert, aka ‘Redwood-Ed’, will take us on  ‘A Virtual Walk Back Through History in The Forest of Nisene Marks’. This narrated presentation chronologically encompasses the geologic and distant historical evolution of the park, plus it takes a close look back at the six stages of forest harvesting, from 1883 to 1923, the development of the State Park from 1963 to 1999, and the affects of that 1989 ‘day of calamity’ – the infamous ‘Loma Prieta Earquake’. Historical black & white photos from those early ‘logging days’ are included in the presentation.
Free and popcorn is included.
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