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Seasonal Bridge Removal – We Need Your Help!

Special Trail Work DayFall Bridge Removal

Sunday, October 12th
9:30 at the kiosk
We will be removing the seasonal bridges over Aptos Creek on October 12, just in time for the winter rains (we hope). Fish and Wildlife requires us to remove them by October 15th.

Seasonal Bridge Removal

Seasonal Bridge Removal

This is a fun day, where you actually get to play in the Creek, instead of playing in the Poison Oak. It does require a little extra man, woman and kid-power. If there’s one day that you could volunteer this year, this is the day we could most use you!
We need at least 12 volunteers (6 for each bridge). So, please sign up at so that we’ll know we have it covered . Our Trail Boss, Bob Thrash, sleeps better that way!