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Spring Bridge Installations 4.27.2014

Sunday morning broke slightly overcast, but it certainly didn’t dampen our spirits. We had a great turn-out of 13 volunteers and 3 State Park staff members, including 2 father and son teams. Both the volunteers and the Park users were looking forward to this annual rite of spring: the installation of the seasonal bridges over Aptos Creek.

We were fortunate once again to have enough volunteers so that we could break up into 2 crews. One crew led by Patrick Courtright installed the lower bridge which is the gateway to Marcel’s Forest, the Old Growth Loop trail, the Twisted Grove and the Advocates Tree. The second group led by Barbi Barry tackled the upstream bridge which is the gateway to the Terrace and Vienna Woods trails.

Each bridge consists of five 6’ sections, which have to be interlocked and bolted together. They are held up by driving 3” galvanized pipe into the creek bed. It’s a pretty clever system, but it definitely requires teamwork to get them installed. The sections are heavy, and driving the pipes into the rocky creek bed requires both umph and finesse. It takes a group of folks working together as a team. We had that!

It’s a rewarding feeling when the bridges go up. Park users are crossing before we can even finish them. It gives you a great sense of the value of these bridges. Sadly, the bridges come out in the Fall, and we do it all over in reverse. Please join us. We need your help, and we desperately need your donations. It takes a lot of money to take care of this wonderful Park, and we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.

Oh, and did I mention that the sun came out and it was a glorious afternoon?

Happy Spring everybody!

John Fuchs, President