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Terrace Trail Brush-back 5.18.14:

After the past 4 months of outhouse remodeling and bridge installation, it was nice to get back to our more traditional role of trail maintenance today. Six Advocates’ volunteers led by State Parks’ Patrick Courtright marched off to the lower Terrace Trail down by Aptos Creek to do some “brushing-back”. Brushing-back consists of weed-whipping/hedge-clipping the encroaching brush very close to the ground for about 2-3 ft. on both sides of the trail. This cut material gets raked out and dispersed of out of visual sight of the trail. Then, the mcleod crew comes thru and cleans up the remains. A mcleod is kind of like a hoe on steroids.

We probably got about a 1,000 ft of trail brushed-back and cleaned-up today. It looks great and the hikers, bikers, kids and dogs seemed very appreciative. It was another great day taking care of the trails in the Forest !

Special Note: Bob Bailey, who has become one of our regular and valuable trail workers, has expressed an interest in also helping us out at the Board of Directors level. Bob seems to have all the qualities which would make him a wonderful addition to our Board!