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Workday Update

Bicycle Rider on Bridge

Riding a Newly-Revamped Margaret’s Bridge.

Read Vice-President John Fuchs’ report about our December 15 Workday:

Summer in December: It was a beautiful summer day in the park this past Sunday, December 15. Gee, is it ever going to rain again? This ‘trail work’ day turned us into ‘bridge’ workers instead. We worked on Margaret’s Bridge, which is just up the road from Porter Family Picnic Area parking lot, past the gate and just before you get to the Ole Mill Site. Margaret’s Bridge was named after the wife of former Advocates’ President, Jeff Hicks.

Bridge Flossing: We performed some much needed bridge maintenance by scraping out the embedded dirt, rocks, and twigs between the deck boards. This allows the water to drain through and the deck boards an opportunity to dry out. It was tedious, on-your-knees work, but oddly satisfying when you got a space all cleared out. It was like flossing your teeth. It’s kind of a pain and time consuming, but it’s worth it.

Beveled Boards: We also installed some beveled redwood boards next to the raised, square-edged boards to make it safer for cyclists. There have been many accidents on the bridge from bike tires getting hung up on the raised square edges. Hopefully, these beveled edges will be more forgiving.

Trail Crew: We had a small but dedicated trail crew: Norm Nelson, Pierre Tardiff, Sean Shrum and myself, John Fuchs. Maureen and Bob Thrash interrupted their anniversary weekend to get us started with homemade coffee cake, coffee and orange juice. Of course, we were led, as always, by the State Park’s very own Patrick Courtright. Ranger Duke Hiedemaier checked in us, and Kiosk-worker Stephanie gave us the thumbs up and a big smile. Advocates Secretary Allison Livingston came out and tested our work with her mountain bike. It takes a village. Big Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Join Us: It was a fun, productive and beautiful day working in the park, with lots of appreciative families, runners, walkers and cyclists. Come on out and join us. It’s good, clean (sometimes dirty) fun, great exercise, and a real nice sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you get to take home with you. So, make it your New Year’s resolution to come out and volunteer on our monthly trailwork days or consider a donation. We need both. It takes volunteers and money to take care of our beautiful park: The Forest of Nisene Marks.